Our Prescription Refill Procedures

Medications are ordered for a specific period of time based on your medical condition and physician’s plan of care. Maintaining compliance with your medications is an important part of your health care. Our physicians closely monitor your medications and require follow up office visits to ensure you are receiving the best possible outcomes with your medication management. If compliance is not maintained, your prescription refills may be denied.

Refill requests should be made directly to the pharmacy. Your pharmacy will then contact our office for authorization of the medication requested.

  • Routine medication refills will be processed within 72 hours
  • Written medication refills will be processed within 48 hours (You will be notified when the prescription is ready to pick up at the office)
  • Do not wait until you are out of your medication to request a refill
  • Refills are processed during normal business hours
  • Contact the pharmacy to verify the prescription is ready for pick up

Many insurance companies require prior authorization for certain categories of medications. This depends on your pharmacy benefits through your insurance plan. Our office takes every step to process these requests as quickly as possible however, prior authorizations may take up to 7 days or longer to complete.